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30 Jun, 2022

SureDrop – The best secure file sharing and collaboration solution just got better

The best secure file sharing and collaboration solution just got better


Secure file sharing and collaboration without compromise.

SureDrop, brought to you by Senetas, has powerful new features. The best secure file sharing and collaboration solution just got better. From deployment flexibility and a stunning new user interface to seamless application integrations; SureDrop does not compromise its best-in-class security credentials. The only fully featured file sharing and collaboration application designed from the ground up as a cybersecurity solution, SureDrop doesn’t compromise user convenience either.  

SureDrop can be configured for both enterprise/government customers, and smaller business/professional services customers. All options share the same security and user file sharing and collaboration convenience, the differences lie only in meeting scale, systems integration, and deployment complexity requirements.

Whatever the scale of the deployment, SureDrop is available with the optional Votiro add-on for advanced protection against ransomware and malware. Votiro’s award-winning and patented CDR provides proactive protection against both known and unknown threats, including the most persistent zero-day exploits.

Current SureDrop customers love it’s combination of security and ease of use. These will not change. In fact, they will be getting more of the same, plus even more intuitive collaboration and a great new user interface.

Secure by design

The rise of remote working, workgroup collaboration and Cloud services adoption demand a file sharing solution that offers flexibility without compromising security. Whilst there are capable platforms available, security often feels like an add-on, making them vulnerable to data breaches. SureDrop is developed from the ground up as a security solution; by a cybersecurity company with a track record of protecting sensitive enterprise, government, and defence data in more than 40 countries.

SureDrop provides enterprise-wide protection from theft of intellectual property, business and government secrets, personally identifiable information, and other sensitive files. The risks of sharing content via email, public file sharing apps and user-owned devices are well known. A secure collaboration platform protects organisations against more than just data loss. It protects against the knock-on effects of a breach, including financial penalties, litigation, and loss of reputation.

Secure by design, SureDrop features advanced encryption, file fragmentation and numerous user security features. It also offers seamless integrations with business and enterprise applications, such as Microsoft 365, Outlook, Azure, and Active Directory. SureDrop also offers customers 100% data location management, providing data sovereignty control and support for ‘certified’ Cloud sovereign data storage – often required by governments.

IT departments will love the flexible deployment options: on-premises, public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid. Deployment is simple, with zero management overheads, plus the intuitive web interface delivers an excellent user experience.

The development team behind SureDrop aren’t resting on their laurels and are always looking for ways to add more value to users. Current SureDrop customers will be introduced to the new look and feel over the coming weeks and will be able to take advantage of new productivity enhancing features, including custom alerts for content that needs approval – accelerating the sign-off process.

This post was originally posted on the Senetas website