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A scalable solution for all business types, from start-ups to mid-market enterprises and professional services organisations

Whatever your business size or area of expertise, if you need to share and store sensitive files, SureDop offers the ideal combination of security and convenience.

SureDrop encrypts, fragments and synchronises all files, at all times. A key point of differentiation is that is also enables full control over file location. Available in the cloud or as an on-premises solution, seamless integration with Microsoft 365 and Outlook ensures both convenience and efficiency, coupled with a familiar user interface.

Larger businesses also value the option to securely store and manage their encryption keys in hardware security modules. Plus, SureDrop supports a range of enterprise features, such as role-based access management and full Microsoft Active Directory integration.

Typical customer use cases

SureDrop is widely used by businesses operating a hybrid working model, or working out of multiple office locations. Similarly, for businesses that embrace digital transformation, secure file sharing and storage has become an essential part of day-to-day operations.

The sharing of commercially sensitive documents, intellectual property or personally identifiable customer data, is inherently risky. SureDrop customers demand ubiquitous access and secure distribution, regardless of file type or size. Documents, spreadsheets, images, video content and more; all benefit from SureDrop’s inherent availability and security.

"Legal and financial documents must be secure for compliance reasons. However, we also need consultants and clients to be able to share documents remotely.

Deployment options

SureDrop is versatile; providing on-premises, Cloud and hybrid deployment options.

SureDrop is agile by design and supports on-premises, cloud, and hybrid deployment. Where customers prefer files to remain in their physical possession, SureDrop may be deployed on-premises. For those customers preferring a cloud solution, SureDrop supports both AWS and Azure cloud storage. To meet customers’ more complex requirements, SureDrop supports hybrid deployments – a mix of on-premise and Cloud.

Whatever the case, SureDrop provides all customers 100% file location control, which also enables data sovereignty requirements to be met – a security and compliance feature unique to SureDrop.

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Deploy locally or in the cloud
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Install on your own physical servers giving full data sovereignty
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Deploy as a Virtual Private Cloud in Amazon EC2 or other provider
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Consume as a Public Cloud Service

SureDrop is disaster recovery compliant, straight out of the box.

Our goal is to ensure organisations are supported by the most effective secure file sharing solutions for businesses on the market, without ever having to compromise on security.

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For those organisations looking for additional anti-malware protection, SureDrop is optionally available with the Votiro anti-malware add-on.

Votiro anti-malware leverages patented, next generation CDR anti-malware technology to proactively protect your content. It sanitizes incoming, shared and stored files, enterprise-wide; eliminating the risks associated with known threats, plus undisclosed cyberattacks and zero-day exploits. At the same time, it preserves 100% of original file content and functionality, without disrupting user workflows.

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Seeking a more secure way to share and store files?

Maximise your file sharing and storage convenience, without compromising on data security.