SureDrop Wiki

We’re often asked questions about SureDrop and its applications. Over time, we will add the most frequently asked questions to this list. If you have a question, and it doesn’t appear on this list, get in touch with your suggestions.


What makes SureDrop the most secure file sharing solution?

Three essential ingredients for best practice data security that have been adopted by SureDrop:. First, the use of standards-based encryption. Specifically AES 256 bit. Second, state-of-the-art encryption key management. Unlike other encrypted file sharing applications, SureDrop customers benefit from 100% control over their keys. All keys are securely stored client-side, neither the service provider nor Senetas have access. Finally, SureDrop comes with file fragmentation for additional security.


Why doesn’t my IT department let me use my personal Box or DropBox?

Once you’ve placed your files in the cloud they become exposed to an array of data security threats. Even if your file sharing app uses encryption, the keys may not be 100% secure. If the keys are not secure, neither are your files. For many security-conscious organisations, this is not acceptable.


What credentials does SureDrop have in data security and file sharing?

SureDrop is brought to you by Senetas, a leader in high-assurance encryption security for network transmitted data. For the past 20 years, Senetas has provided internationally certified hardware and virtualised security solutions to government and corporate customers in more than 40 countries.


Is my data encrypted?

SureDrop files are always stored in encrypted, compressed file segments. You also have the option of High Security Groups; these offer client side encryption where decryption keys are stored only on your device, so even if someone accessed your server, your files are safe.


How easy is SureDrop to manage?

SureDrop is broken down into a number of easy to manage components that can be installed on any arrangement of servers. We support scaling under load and remote updates are designed to make administration quick and easy. Once you install the SureDrop clients once, they never have to be manually updated again.


What happens if I accidentally delete a file?

Non-destructive deletes are active by default. The file and all previous versions are available from the administrator’s console.


Is the SureDrop administrator able to read my files?

On high security groups, only you can see your files. Not your colleagues, not your system admin, not even us.


What if multiple people work on the same file offline?

The changes made by the first person to reconnect are considered the current version. Changes made by other users will then be saved as additional versions in the same directory.


What type of businesses are using SureDrop?

SureDrop customers are a diverse mix of financial institutions, government agencies, professional services organisations, telecommunications service providers and major commercial enterprises.