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SureDrop for Enterprise & Government

Secure file sharing platform for government military and enterprise

A secure file sharing and collaboration platform designed for enterprise and government requirements

SureDrop for Enterprise & Government is the secure file sharing, storage and collaboration platform designed specifically to meet the performance and cybersecurity needs of large, geographically distributed organisations. It provides maximum file security and the ease of use essential for adoption amongst large scale in-house, remote, and mobile workers.

SureDrop seamlessly integrates with a broad range of enterprise cloud services and applications, including Microsoft365, Active Directory, Azure, and Amazon Web Services.

Designed to be used at scale, SureDrop for Enterprise & Government was created from security first principles. It supports industry-leading encryption key management and storage solutions, used by many of the world’s most secure organisations – Thales HSM (High Security Modules) and CipherTrust Manager (Cloud and on-premises).

Customers include federal government and defence agencies, global service providers and some of the world’s biggest security organisations.

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Why SureDrop for Enterprise & Government customers

Scaled for large enterprises and government departments, SureDrop file management solution offers on-premises, Cloud, and hybrid deployment options for secure work-group collaboration and file sharing, within and outside the organisation.

Because SureDrop is a cybersecurity solution, it’s designed to meet the highest organisation and regulatory compliance standards, including data sovereignty control, audit-ability, and confidentiality.

Security features AES 256 encryption (at rest/in motion), file fragmentation, secure key management, sovereign data management control, and numerous user behaviour features.

All this security doesn’t come at the expense of user experience. SureDrop secure file sharing solutions for governments and enterprises, also provides the workflow efficiency and familiarity users appreciate, and the real-time performance IT departments demand.

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Data breach prevention

Effective data breach protection and security require encryption of data while at rest, in use, and in motion across network infrastructure. SureDrop’s secure file sharing, collaboration and sovereign storage provides that level of data protection for governments and enterprises – something unmatched by ‘box’-type and ‘drive’-type products.

Architectural plans for public buildings must be confidential for security reasons. However, we also need architects and engineers to be able to share plans remotely.”

Anti-malware and zero-day exploit protection

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SureDrop + Votiro API integration adds proven, advanced anti-malware protection against the most persistent known, and unknown attacks, including signatureless and zero-day exploits. Users can collaborate with confidence, knowing they are only receiving and sharing safe files.

Votiro’s patented CDR technology is able to disarm a signatureless file-borne ransomware attack, then recreate and pass-on the safe file in an instant, without any workflow disruption – all in less time than other solutions can identify and disarm a known attack.

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Deployment options

SureDrop is versatile; providing on-premises, Cloud and hybrid deployment options.

SureDrop is agile by design and supports on-premises, Cloud, and hybrid deployment. Where customers prefer files to remain in their physical possession, SureDrop may be deployed on-premises. For those customers preferring a Cloud solution, SureDrop supports both AWS and Azure cloud storage. To meet customers’ more complex requirements, SureDrop supports hybrid deployments – a mix of on-premise and Cloud.

Whatever the case, SureDrop provides all customers 100% file location control, which also enables data sovereignty requirements to be met – a security and compliance feature unique to SureDrop.

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Deploy locally or in the Cloud
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Install on your own physical servers giving full data sovereignty
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Deploy as a Virtual Private Cloud in Amazon EC2 or other provider
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Consume as a Public Cloud Service
Our professional services customers handle highly sensitive client files. Any breach of confidentiality - identities, customer data and professional advice - could be disastrous for their clients, and their reputations. Being unaware of the security vulnerabilities of public Cloud file sharing and storage services, they are grateful we introduced them to SureDrop.”

- MD Software integration services provider

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