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For organisations taking cybersecurity seriously

Cybersecurity essentials with SureDrop file management darker

Our customers all have one thing in common. They are concerned about the inherent cyber-risks of sharing files and collaborating outside of their protected environment.

SureDrop customers all have one thing in common…

They are concerned about the inherent risks associated with sharing documents outside of their protected environment.

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They lack strong 256k encryption, file fragmentation and audit logs

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Their key management is not state-of-the-art

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They cannot enable 100% file location control and data sovereignty

Seeking a more secure way to share and store files?

Maximise your file sharing and storage convenience, without compromising on data security.

Top 5 reasons to consider SureDrop

Whatever your organisation size or type, if you take file sharing and secure team collaboration security seriously, SureDrop could be exactly what you’re looking for.


Information security

Your organisation may be sharing personally identifiable, confidential or high-value information that, should a breach occur, could result in financial penalties, loss of revenue or reputation.


Compliance obligations

Industry regulations or internal IT policies may prevent your organisation from using public ‘box-type’ file sharing and storage applications because they fail to meet stringent, best-practice security standards.


Secure by design

You value best-in-class security. You may be implementing a zero-trust infrastructure and believe security should be a founding principle of any business application, not simply an after-thought.


Hybrid workforce

Your hybrid workforce is geographically distributed, and you need to enable secure file sharing and collaboration across private and public infrastructure, plus a wide range of user-owned devices.


Data sovereignty

Data protection mandates may dictate where your data is held. You need a solution that provides 100% control over file location, so you can guarantee data sovereignty.

Our focus has been on delivering a service that meets the needs of large commercial and government organisations that frequently share sensitive and confidential information.”

Fully redundant storage mesh

Configured to keep up to 10 copies of every file, either as a back-up or for caching purposes. Regardless of how you chose to configure your deployment, SureDrop provides convenient, secure file storage in support of your business continuity strategy.

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A secure Cloud solution

Using enterprise technologies, like Microsoft Windows infrastructure stack and SQL Server (2008 R2 and above), SureDrop will feel familiar to you from the start. SureDrop integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Azure and Active Directory and with your current backup. Giving you a secure team collaboration system to feel confident.

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Automated components

SureDrop is broken down into a number of easy to manage components that may be installed on any arrangement of servers. It supports scaling under load, and remote updates are designed to make your life as an infrastructure administrator easy. Once installed, the SureDrop client never needs manual updates again.

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One-click deployment using Docker

Whether deployed on-premises or as a Cloud solution, you may install and maintain your own secure, private SureDrop instance to meet data sovereignty and security compliance requirements.

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Serving the security conscious


Financial institutions


Government agencies

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Professional services and organisations

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Tele-communication service providers


Major commercial businesses