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21 Jul, 2023

Votiro announces first formal channel program

SureDrop - Votiro announces first formal channel program

Earlier this month, Votiro announced the introduction of its first channel program – the Votiro Accelerate Partner Program. Although the company previously followed a 100% indirect route to market, it never had a formalized program in place to recruit, recognize and reward global partners.

Like most partner programs, Accelerate includes a standard hierarchy of membership, with four key channels: referral, reseller, distributor and a new channel for MSP and MSSP. It is a model that was first adopted in the APAC market and is now being deployed across North America and Europe to support the company’s global growth ambitions.


Our goal is twofold. We want to help the channel community add a critical layer of security to their existing platform and security investments while also helping our partners build their next multi-million-dollar line of business.

Alex Gomez, VP GTM, Strategy & Execution.


“We have built our partner program to support customers’ across the full lifecycle and experience, helping our partners’ grow top and bottom-line revenue.”

The expansion of the go-to-market strategy is driven primarily by the expansion of Votiro’s solutions portfolio. Originally a provider of content disarm and reconstruction (CDR) solutions, this technology forms a part of a broader Zero Trust Platform.

The zero trust marketplace has become increasingly competitive in recent years, with zero trust architecture (wiki) an aspirational state for many enterprises. Votiro’s original CDR file sanitization solution has been augmented with comprehensive threat detection and analysis functionality, all delivered via an open API-based service.

Speaking recently, Ravi Srinivasan, CEO of Votiro explained the appeal of Votiro ZT Cloud.


Partners can combine our value proposition with what they already sell. We can add value to an existing cybersecurity portfolio, and we don’t make partners replace their old ways of doing things with ours.

Ravi Srinivasan, CEO of Votiro


About Votiro

Votiro is an award-winning cybersecurity company that specializes in file sanitization, ensuring every organization is safe from zero-day and undisclosed attacks. Its next-generation Positive Selection™ technology singles out only the safest elements of each incoming or outgoing file, ensuring every file that enters an organization is 100% safe.

With over 500 customers globally, Votiro has offices in the US, Singapore, Australia, and Israel. Votiro is a Gartner Cool Vendor award winner and certified by the international standard of Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation (ISO/IEC 15408).

Votiro ZT Cloud is a Layer 7, Open API-based service that integrates seamlessly with your existing IT and Security platforms. Deliver safe content via email, web browser, portal uploads, file transfers, cloud apps, content collaboration platforms, and more.

If you had any questions about the Votiro Accelerate Partner Program, please get in touch.


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